Animal Farm


Timely new edition of Orwell classic for the era of Trump & Johnson

As lying becomes normalized in public life through leaders like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, it’s a good time to revisit George Orwell’s classic satire on totalitarianism and the abuse of office.

This new edition of Animal Farm adds special features for today: an essay by Matthew Crampton on The Relevance of Animal Farm Today, Student Notes and gorgeous engraved illustrations.


Animal Farm by George Orwell. Student Notes and Essay by Matthew Crampton. 20 engraved illustrations by Ernest Griset, Thomas Bewick and others.

Published 2021. 134 pages paperback
ISBN 978-0-9561361-5-2

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‘One glance at Michael Gove, bounding onto the Sunday morning political shows to argue, with utter conviction, the opposite of what he claimed last week, and bingo – here’s Squealer, hard at work in the heart of British Government.’ (From Matthew Crampton’s accompanying essay)

Animal Farm is a set text in schools worldwide. This edition’s Student Notes give valuable insight into the book’s story structure, parallels with Soviet Russia, themes, style and songs.

Published in 1945, Animal Farm tells how an idealistic group of farmyard animals drive off their cruel human master and run the farm themselves. But as the pigs take charge, the revolution’s ideals become perverted through propaganda and then terror. Life for the ordinary animals becomes even worse than before.

George Orwell originally wrote Animal Farm as a satire on Stalin’s betrayal of the Russian Revolution. Yet the book remains wildly popular today. Its lessons on political corruption ring truer than ever. Above all, it’s a highly enjoyable read for young and old.

This special new edition from Muddler Books is the ideal way to read Animal Farm today.


From The Relevance of Animal Farm Today

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