Seventy Years a Showman

‘Buy this brilliant book.’ Great first review, from the Camden New Journal.

Dancing off the page like real-life Dickens, this legendary autobiography of Victorian circus pioneer ‘Lord’ George Sanger is dark, fun and irresistible. As befits a man who lived by his wits, he tells a great story – letting us enter the wild world of 19th century peep-shows, menageries, freaks and travelling fairs.

‘Here is Britain’s Barnum – but this showman story is not sanitised.’

Written in 1910, this gem of Victorian life has been strangely neglected. This new edition adds gorgeous illustrations – many from Dickens collaborator George Cruikshank – plus a useful introduction and index. It also includes a famous commentary on the book by Wind in the Willows writer Kenneth Grahame.

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Seventy Years A Showman by ‘Lord’ George Sanger. Introduction by Matthew Crampton, commentary by Kenneth Grahame and illustrations from George Cruikshank and others.
First published London 1910. Muddler Books Edition 2018.
ISBN 978-0-9561361-4-5. 188 pages paperback

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