Tales from The Angler’s Retreat

A perfect little gem of an angling book. A treasure trove of practical, first-hand information and advice. Fly-Fishing & Fly-Tying Magazine

Join us by the fireside of a legendary guesthouse in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, where fly fishers gather each evening to tell stories of their exploits. Tales from The Angler’s Retreat reveals a world of amiable obsession, as people from many backgrounds – united by fishing, companionship and the unusual beauty of the island of South Uist – take turns to tell their stories. Some tales may be tall. Many involve mishaps. Some are hilarious, others wistful. Together they offer unexpected insight into fishing, Scottish islands and how anglers behave when practising their passion.

The book is of interest to anyone who enjoys fly fishing for wild fish. There is also plenty for non-anglers. Stornoway Gazette

This is also a practical guide for fishing the lochs of South Uist and Benbecula, home to arguably Britain’s finest wild brown trout angling. There are recommended flies and fly patterns, plus detailed description of certain lochs.

The Angler’s Retreat is now run by Gary and Fiona Bateman, and it’s better than ever. Here’s their website.

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The more you read, the more you want to visit.  Fish & Fly blog

Here’s a map of the lochs described in the book.

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Tales from The Angler’s Retreat, edited by Matthew Crampton & David Peutherer.

Published 2009. 160 page paperback.

ISBN 978-0956136107

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